My 2 Year Tech Transformation

About the Session

My 2 Year Tech Transformation

To describe how a highly motivated teacher with average technology skills created a highly-effective technology-intensive high school science classroom.

SAMR Alignment
My session best aligns with the ideas of Modification (M)

About the Presenter

Christian Barrus
Physics teacher
Kenston High School

Physics teacher (plus other sciences) 16 years, AP teacher 12 years, AP reader 2 years. I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Clarkson U. ´91, worked at GE for 8 years, and have a M.Ed. from Cleveland State in ´01. My teaching mission is to encourage students take responsibility for their own learning in preparation for college and beyond. I´m happily married with 4 sons and in my spare time am a National Park enthusiast, Boy Scout leader, home brewing, golfing, sports watching Cavs fan.