Dive Deep into Research with Google Apps

About the Session

Dive Deep into Research with Google Apps

Rigorous research requires the use of authoritative sources. Dive into some of the best research resources from Ohio’s free digital library and other great sites. Take the time to explore how these sources integrate with Google Apps to enhance teaching and learning with our team of three research experts! Assign articles seamlessly to Google classroom. Send articles straight to Google Drive for close reading, annotation and more. Go beyond the research tools in Docs and challenge students to become advanced researchers. Bring your own device or use one of ours in this hands-on workshop.

SAMR Alignment
My session best aligns with the ideas of Augmentation (A)

About the Presenters

Angela Maxwell, with co-presenters Julie Ungier and Lori Guerrini

School Librarian
Beachwood High School

I am passionate about the transformative power of reading, technology and the importance of information literacy in our society. As a school librarian, I work with students, collaborate with colleagues and provide professional development about awesome edtech, rigorous research resources, and cool tools to enhance teaching and learning. In 2015, I was honored to receive the Information Technology Innovation award from the Ohio Educational Media Association.