Digital Formative Assessment Techniques

About the Session

Digital Formative Assessment Techniques

This presentation will provide an overview on what formative assessment is and how it differs from traditional summative assessment practices. It will also discuss and model several formative assessment techniques using Chrome Books that can be used by both beginning and veteran teachers alike. Session objectives are:
1. Identify differences between formative and summative assessments.
2. Experience various formative assessment techniques in action.
3. Develop an initial understanding that formative assessment is a “mindset,” not a thing.

SAMR Alignment
My session best aligns with the ideas of Augmentation (A)

About the Presenter

Ann Radefeld
Curriculum Facilitator
North Royalton City Schools

Ann Radefeld has worked in the North Royalton City Schools since 2004. As a high school French and German teacher, Ann demonstrated a passion for innovation and always was eager to try the latest tool or resource to help enrich her students’ learning experience. Ann’s passion for innovation led her out of the classroom in 2013, when she took on the role of District Curriculum Facilitator. Currently, she deals primarily with the educational technology in all five North Royalton schools. She meets with teachers, provides professional development and explores new and innovative ways for teachers to integrate technology in the classroom.