Reviving Some 1950’s & 60’s Concepts to Create 21st Century Learners

About the Session

Reviving Some 1950’s & 60’s Concepts to Create 21st Century Learners

When we think about 1950’s education in the US we think of 40 student classrooms, by-the-book rote learning and many other questionable teaching techniques. But the part we forget about was the atmosphere that if students wanted to learn something new and exciting they had to find ways to do it on their own or with like-minded peers. In our current era, where we finally are getting tools to transform education, both parents and educators are micromanaging and constantly hovering over students. Step back into the time machine and see what we can salvage from the 1950 & 60’s to create lifelong, self-directed learners using today’s exciting tools.

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About the Presenter

Anthony Luscre
Technology Integration Specialist

Anthony Luscre is a Technology Integration Specialist at SPARCC. His background includes over 20 years in Educational Technology and over 20 years in both the Medical Technology & Electronics fields. He is a frequent speaker at a variety of conferences on a wide range of tech-related topics. A strong advocate for Information & Technology Literacy, Anthony believes it is imperative that teachers enable their students to be effective and efficient users of electronic resources– incorporating advanced web searching techniques, critical evaluation of information found and the ability to glean and manipulate data using a wide variety of online & computer based productivity tools. He also believes in having your students do some of the “heavy lifting” of teaching & learning. His hobbies include Amateur (Ham) Radio, his call sign is K8ZT, Electronics, History & Geography, Trains, Cooking and Making Stuff.