NEOTIE 2017 Session Descriptions

Triple Differentiation with Google Classroom

By Eric Curts | @ericcurts | Website

Session Description: Google Classroom is much more than just a way to distribute, collect, and organize student work. When used to the fullest, Classroom can be a powerful tool for differentiation for your students. In this session we will look at how to use Classroom features to differentiate at each stage of a project: beginning, middle, and end. We will cover who the students are, how the students learn, and what the students make.

Session Objectives:

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Administrators / School Leaders | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Building your personal brand

By Jaelithe Russ | @JaelitheRuss | Website

Session Description: Archimedes said that if he were given a lever and a place to stand, he could move the world. You may already have your place to stand (a blog, a podcast, a classroom, an opportunity to give a presentation), or you may be thinking about creating one. This session is designed to help you find your lever — your personal brand. We’ll discuss the basics of branding, talk about the three v’s (value, voice, and visuals), and you’ll walk out of the session with a good start on creating your own value proposition to help you gain focus in your efforts to move the world in your own way.

Session Objectives: Learn what a brand is, and what it’s not
Discover the difference between a brand and branding signals
Take the first steps to creating your value proposition

This session is aimed at… Any Audience | What is a Chromebook? (BEGINNERS)


By Molly Klodor | @mrsklodor

Session Description: Can you escape? BreakoutEDU is a program that promotes critical thinking, encourages students to work together, and can be tied to any curriculum. Join me to escape the box!

Session Objectives: Introduce teachers to the BreakoutEdu program; facilitate critical thinking and a good time!

This session is aimed at… Any Audience | What is a Chromebook? (BEGINNERS)

All about S.O.L.E!

By Ann Radefeld | @annradefeld | Website

Session Description: Join me to experience S.O.L.E. (self-organized learning environment). S.O.L.E. gives teachers the tools to create a collaborative, student-centered classroom for any content and any age level. During this session, you will participate in a S.O.L.E. and learn where you can gather S.O.L.E. resources to take back to your district.

Session Objectives: Attendees will participate in a S.O.L.E. and learn how they can have a S.O.L.E. in their classroom.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Educational Duct Tape

By Jake Miller | @JakeMillerTech | Website

Session Description: Educational Technology is most useful when it’s a tool, not the goal of the lesson. Similarly, using duct tape is never one’s goal, but it’s incredibly useful when solving problems. This session provides an opportunity to identify ways to use edtech to solve educational problems, meet instructional goals and increase efficiency.

Session Objectives: Providing a strategy for identifying what edtech tools to focus on: those that address problems or goals that you currently have. Outlining some edtech ideas.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Administrators / School Leaders | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Maker Spaces – more than just a room in your building

By Paul Shircliff | @shirky17 | Website

Session Description: Having one room with “stuff” in it is not the end, and it doesn’t have to be the beginning. Making can happen anywhere. Discuss and learn ways to spread the “Maker Mindset” around to everyone. We are all makers and the most important “Maker Space” is between the ears.

Session Objectives: explore ideas about maker education

This session is aimed at… Any Audience | What is a Chromebook? (BEGINNERS)

Teaching Coding for the Non-Coder

By Ryan MacRaild | @mrmacraild | Website

Session Description: How I am transitioning “computer” class from Office Skills to coding and programming instruction. Including things from Khan Academy, Raspberry Pi, etc.

Session Objectives: Show educators that teaching coding in the classroom is achievable and can be done with minimal coding skill and a little risk taking.

This session is aimed at… Any Audience | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Games to Keep Your Students Engaged

By Lori Thomson | @thomsonlori

Session Description: Ready to have fun and keep your students engaged? In this session, you will learn about Kahoot and Quizlet Live. Both of these free games will allow your students to learn and have fun at the same time. These games appeal to students of almost any age.

Session Objectives: I will give an overview of both games, have attendees login and we can play a round of both. Any time left over can be used for attendees to start making a Kahoot or Quizlet Live of their own.

This session is aimed at… Any Audience | What is a Chromebook? (BEGINNERS)

Snapchat in the Classroom? For Realz?

By Stephanie DeMichele | @sdemichele | Website

Session Description: Don’t fear the ‘chat. Instead, learn three practical ways to make it a positive experience for you and your students. I’m serious! Snapchat really does have some valid classroom uses!

Session Objectives: (1) To familiarize educators with the tools and uses of Snapchat; (2) To explore positive, beneficial, and engaging ways to use it as a learning and creativity tool; (3) To bridge the gap between us and GenerationZ

This session is aimed at… Any Audience | What is a Chromebook? (BEGINNERS)

PC2: Portage County Collaborative

By Terri Hrina-Treharn | @Rovers_District

Session Description: Are we creating flexible thinkers and developing students who have the ability to critique and self-reflect? Are our graduating students able to work collaboratively with others and have the capacity to become digital literate citizens? We would like to share our journey of a two-year undertaking to change teacher pedagogy to include anytime/anywhere learning and more student voice and choice. The vehicle to do this and be able to collaborate with others and have quality sources is technology and professional development.

Session Objectives: Share the framework of our project as well as particulars for potential replication purposes in other surrounding areas.


This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Administrators / School Leaders | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Hands on Coding

By Annette Lang | @msalang | Website

Session Description: Coding comes alive for a wider audience when students can program an object in the physical world vs just seeing code on the screen. Experience programming Ozobots, Spheros and Drones. Pick up a few classroom management techniques I have learned. Focus will be on allowing teachers to experience using the tools and sharing ways to integrate into their content. Audience 6th to 11th grade teachers.

Session Objectives: Give teachers an opportunity to see Robots and Drones and what it looks like to program and teach with one.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Administrators / School Leaders | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Awesome Automaton Add-Ons

By Jake Miller | @JakeMillerTech | Website

Session Description: The Google Sheets & Forms Add-ons AutoCrat, FormMule, CopyDown and FormRanger, along with some Google Sheets formula tricks, are fantastic tools for automating tasks – both in the classroom and behind the scenes. Come to this session to get ideas for using these tools to manage data collection, discipline systems, conference sign-ups, detention assignments, inventory systems and more.

Session Objectives: Attendees will learn about the uses for the 4 Add-Ons listed above. Attendees will learn additional tricks for adding automation to their spreadsheet. Attendees will develop a list of ideas for using these tools.

This session is aimed at… Any Audience | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Tips, Tools, Terrific Technology! (Formative Assessment and Technology)

By Erica Hartle | @HTSocialStudies

Session Description: Do you wan to use more technology to gather student data? This session will consists of an explanation of over 20 tech tools. Ranging from presentation mode, quizzes, and games. This session will show many alternatives to popular technology tools and examples with how to use them.

Session Objectives: Give multiple tech resources to use in your classroom and tips for how to best use formative assessment and technology.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Any Audience | Active Practitioners (USERS)

POW – Google

By Julie Fedak

Session Description: As a math teacher you have the “m” in STEM covered, but you want to incorporate more into you class without having to re-invent the wheel. Combining the traditional “Problem of the Week” with Google Classroom can help achieve this goal. Participants of this session will gain tips on organizing this type of assignment with Google Classroom, will learn where to find ideas for these types of challenges, and will be able to point out & fix mistakes younger students make at first when using Google Classroom for the first time. A discussion on what type of problems/challenges are worthy of becoming a “Problem of the Week”or POW will complete this session.

Session Objectives: Show teachers how to apply Google Classroom to a math classroom. Model how easy it is to give quick feedback to get students on track. Help students learn the difference between sharing & turning in an assignment. Discuss what makes a good Problem of the Week.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers | What is a Chromebook? (BEGINNERS)

Buffet of Tech Tools

By Kelly Nyzen | @knyzen

Session Description: Come join Kelly Nyzen as she dives into the all-you-can-take buffet of tech tools for the classroom and beyond. This fast-paced session will be an overview of a variety of tech tools that have been successfully implemented in many classrooms including her High School Chemistry class. Tools that will be covered but not limited to Nearpod, Reflector, SOLE, Keep, Gizmos, Actively Learn, Flipgrid, Classkick, Equatio, SeeSaw, etc

Please join me and get filled up on some awesome new tools, apps, and resources to use in your classroom on Monday!

Session Objectives: Participants will learn new tools that can be easily implemented in the classroom the very next day!

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Administrators / School Leaders, Students, Any Audience | Beast Mode Activated (EXPERTS)

Fast Track your Feedback

By Molly Klodor | @mrsklodor

Session Description: Does your grading folder no longer fit in your work bag? Are you still holding on to assignments from August? It’s time to fast track and simplify your feedback! This session will detail tools that you can use in your classroom to provide quality and timely feedback.

Session Objectives: Introduce and familiarize attendees with tools to provide feedback to students.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Reflection and Revision are RAD! Using Technology to Assist in the Feedback Process

By Sarah Rivera | @SarahRiveraSTEM

Session Description: In this session, participants will learn different strategies and tools to assist with providing and facilitating student feedback, peer-to-peer feedback, and self-reflection in the classroom setting. Participants will walk out with ready-to-use ideas that are compatible with any device and subject area.

Session Objectives: 1) Identify different types of technology that is used for facilitating feedback
2) Practice usage of different technology that can assist with providing feedback to students, from peer to peer, and for self-reflection.

This session is aimed at… Any Audience | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Integrating Google and 1:1 with Elementary

By Stephanie Raub | @StephanieRaub1

Session Description: Tips and Ideas for using Google Tools and Chromebooks with Elementary Students

Session Objectives: Provide ideas and inspiration to Google/Chromebook beginners.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers | What is a Chromebook? (BEGINNERS)

Reading & Writing Got You Down? The Must-Have Confidence Booster is Here!

By Janele Kauffman | @MrsKauffman7

Session Description: Read&Write helps students read, write and express themselves with CONFIDENCE! Documents, files and webpages instantly become more accessible while students are discreetly supported. Read&Write’s literacy features are perfect for all students, especially students with learning disabilities, English Language Learners, students with dyslexia, or a child that just needs a little extra support with reading and writing. Features such as text prediction, picture dictionaries, text-to-speech, and summary highlighters are just a few of the many benefits participants will learn to help transform everyday literacy lessons into simpler, quicker, and more accurate tasks.

This session will be led by a middle school special education teacher who will offer strategies to use with Read&Write for Google Chrome that will transform your instruction. Through hands-on learning in this BYOD session you will engage with digital content and leave with your own sense of CONFIDENCE to use immediately in your classroom and share in your district!

Session Objectives: The main objective of this session is for participants to be able to immediately implement the use of the extension upon returning to their classroom/district.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Students | Active Practitioners (USERS)

The Power of Padlet in the Content Areas

By Andrea Lemmer | @MrsLemmerNR

Session Description: Learn about the Power of Padlet, which is described as “somewhere between a doc and a full-fledged website builder,” to enhance your content area lessons. Padlet is easy to use, collaborative, flexible, private, and secure. Learn how to engage ALL students in your lessons with this awesome, user-friendly resource!

Session Objectives: People attending my session will:
-receive a basic overview of what Padlet is and an explanation of the many options Padlet provides to enhance lessons.
-view a few varied examples of ways I have incorporated Padlet into my language arts and social studies classes.
-practice using Padlet by joining a Padlet (created by me) as a “student” and creating a post with an attachment of their choice.
-create their own Padlet that can be used within their classroom.

This session is aimed at… Any Audience | Active Practitioners (USERS)

How to Run a Makerspace Camp!

By Vicki Turner | @vturner8 | Website

Session Description: Learn how to organize and run a Makerspace Camp for staff and students that involve fun stations and hands-on activities with minimal direct adult supervision.

Session Objectives: 1. Provide basic information on how to run Makerspace Camps. 2. Encourage staff to provide opportunities for their peers and students to experience makerspace environments. 3. Share best practice ideas and also how to overcome barriers.

This session is aimed at… Any Audience | What is a Chromebook? (BEGINNERS)

EdCamp: Learn and Share what YOU want

By Julie Ungier, Angela Maxwell, Mickayla Meola, Chris Croftcheck, and Lisa Cummings

Session Description: Members of the Beachwood City Schools Library and Technology Department are hosting an abbreviated Ed Camp. Discuss a topic of interest to you or draw on our diverse interests and experiences: robotics, elementary makerspace, Breakout EDU, Innovation and Design, Google certification, information literacy, 1:1 programs, and more. Come share best practices, pose questions, troubleshoot, and exchange knowledge. The options are limitless as participants decide what THEY want to learn in groups facilitated by Beachwood teachers.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers | Active Practitioners (USERS)

C to the Third Power: Creating and Collaborating with Chromebooks

By Angie Jameson | @Mrs_Jameson_CF

Session Description: This presentation covers strategies and tools to aid in student-creation. While many of the tools discussed in the presentation highlight the GAFE suite, I will also touch on social media and website creation. Further, this presentation highlights differentiation in the classroom. In addition, I will discuss ways to get the community and other stakeholders involved in the creation process.

Session Objectives: Expose teachers to numerous GAFE tools/ideas as well as additional creation strategies that can be accomplished on a student Chromebook.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Any Audience | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Powerful Presentation Tools

By Ryan Novak | @khs_novak

Session Description: Are you tired of PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations? If so, your students are probably producing presentations that all look the same, contain way too much text, and bore every student–and teacher–in the class.

PowerPoint and Google Slides aren’t the problem though. It’s how we model the use of them and what we allow students to get away with when they use them.

Come learn about powerful presentation tools students can use and new ways to utilize the classics. Your students will be creating engaging, dynamic presentations that include multimedia that their classmates won’t dread sitting through.

Session Objectives: Share resources about presentation tools to help students create engaging and dynamic presentations.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Administrators / School Leaders, Students, Any Audience | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Video Assessment Tools for EVERY classroom!

By Nikki Diehm | @nikkidiehm | Website

Session Description: Are you looking for a new and different way to assess students in your classroom? Come to this session to learn about FREE video programs and websites that you can use every day in ANY classroom setting! We’ll talk about Flipgrid, WeVideo, Screencasting, and other video tools that you can use with whatever technology you may have available. Teachers love it, students love it. Come see why!

Session Objectives: The goal of “Video Assessment Tools for EVERY classroom!” is to show educators different sites and programs they can use for formative and summative assessments in any type of classroom setting.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Administrators / School Leaders | Active Practitioners (USERS)

A Closer Look at Some Math-tacular Tools!

By Amy Roediger | @amyroediger | Website

Session Description: Using technology to teach math creates obstacles that other disciplines don’t face. Come and explore Desmos, EquatIO, and Gizmos that will make math teaching and learning easy, engaging, and meaningful.

Session Objectives: Give participants experience with Desmos, Equatio, and Gizmos.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Administrators / School Leaders, Students, Any Audience | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Organizing a School-Wide Program Using Google Apps

By Nick Gerhard | @nickgerhard

Session Description: Are you in charge of a big program with multiple students, teachers, presenters, or groups? Do you need a school-wide document to describe various learning opportunities? Do you need multiple people to sign up and be placed into groups quickly? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this session is for you! Since 2013, we have run a school-wide program called Orange High School Intersessions, which includes creating a catalog with over 25 unique learning opportunities, having over 500 students register for these sessions, and making sure nobody gets lost along the way. Google Apps for Education (GAFE) helps keep everything organized and everyone in the know while saving the organizers a ton of time. We will discuss how we used GAFE, and how you can apply it to any program or event at your school or organization.

Session Objectives: Learn how Google Forms can be used in conjunction with Google Docs to create a catalog of options/classes.
Learn how Google Forms and Google Sheets can be used to register students based on their preferences using formulas and sorting.
Learn how to communicate effectively and efficiently using Google Classroom and Google Sites.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Administrators / School Leaders | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Bring Visuals Alive with Thinglink

By Garth Holman

Session Description: Thinglink is a free software that allows users to turn any image into a living engaging visual learning resource. This session will provide several examples from different disciplines and then we will get started building an image for use in your classroom next week. Join me in learning the power of using visual images to engage your students in more in-depth learning.

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Any Audience | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Using Google Maps for Collaboration and Student Created Electronic Portfolios

By Garth Holman

Session Description: How nice would it be for students to visually review previous learned concepts? Google Maps make that possible. Join Garth Holman as he shows you how to help students build their own electronic portfolio for Social Studies (also applicable to ELA, Science and other courses as well) using Google Maps in this informative and interactive session. Google Maps provides a visual recollection and is a great way to help your students create a portfolio that they can access and add to for years to comes. If fact, we know have three years on our middle school students maps!

This session is aimed at… Classroom Teachers, Any Audience | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Adobe Spark in the Classroom

By Ken Veon | @BeachwoodTech

Session Description: In this session you will learn how the 3 Adobe Spark apps (mobile or online) can help in the classroom with Adobe Spark Post, Video, or Page. Spark Video is being used to create videos at every grade level in K-12. As little or no typing is needed, younger children find Spark Video easy and accessible. Spark Pages are primarily used to share written stories, and so typing (and spelling) is required. Page is typically better suited starting in Grades 4 or 5. Spark Post is all about social media, and is thus intended for teachers or students old enough to have a social media presence.

Here is an example of one that was created this past summer from a trip to Europe!

This session is aimed at… Any Audience | Active Practitioners (USERS)

Ultimate Warrior: How to conquer your networking challenges

By Sean Whelan & CHI Corporation with Tamera Chess

Session Description: As schools continue to expand their technology initiatives in the classroom, the network has become a strategic asset in delivering an exceptional student and teacher technology experience. Today’s districts have limited support staff, yet require a network that can handle a large variety of uses, including:

  • Bonjour
  • Multiple students streaming content in one classroom
  • Distance and online learning programs
  • AIRS and other online testing
  • Managing guest networks and policiesIn this session, discover how West Geauga Schools and other districts are implementing fast and secure networks that meet and exceed the needs of classroom technologies – all on a K12 budget.



By John Fillacier

Internet Filtering , Classroom management with Trend Analysis, and Parent Dashboard for Chromebooks.