Heads up! Attendee Update NEOTIE 2017

We’re so excited for this Saturday! For our 4th Annual NEOTIE, we are expecting 160+ participants, and plan on having near full sessions for the most part. Here are some particulars…


We’re asking you to check in first thing when you get there. Get your name badge, your t-shirt, swag, stickers, smiles from the volunteers, etc. Then head off to breakfast in the cafeteria. Coffee, yogurt, fruit, the regular stuff.

At 9 AM, we need you ready to go in the Community Room. Help us get there on time by reminding your team to mozy on down…


Please review the schedule, and sessions now, to be ready for Saturday. Some sessions may change time slots (due to unforeseen issues) and we reserve the right to make those updates.

The schedule is only online, and you will not get a printed version. Please plan accordingly.


The sessions are all first come, first served. But, if all the seats are filled, there’s probably some floor space for the willing. Having a 2nd choice for each time slot is good form for the seasoned conference goer…

Stuck in a session that doesn’t do it for you? Feel free to find another one – no one will be offended. It happens to the best of us. Seriously – no worries. It’s your day – make the most of it.


We will have breakfast, lunch, and snacks for you. All will be catered by the excellent team at Beachwood, and we’ve had rave reviews over the years. Ken loves the cranberry mayo, so more than likely it will make an appearance.

Light breakfast, with lots of coffee, etc. followed by lunch – sandwiches, drinks, etc. Vegetarian options are available. After the second group activity (wait, what?) there will be cookies / drinks / coffee again before the last session.


Please take some time to check out our many vendors that made the day happen in terms of sponsorships and other contributions. How do we even do it for $17? See what’s new, and make some connections – help pay it forward.


Yes, it’s available. Connect with Lisa from Lake Erie College, and sign up of the spot.


Please bring one, or two. Whatever works for you. Wifi signal is strong and fast, and can easily handle our group. You will not need to authenticate to connect. Many bring a phone for social media / pictures, and a laptop / Chromebook for notes and participating, or trying stuff out. Did you know that colors can be represented using a hexadecimal value? Strange.


If you have questions that aren’t covered in the FAQ we have posted, please let us know. Yes, Andreas will be wearing a kilt. Yes, you can wear jeans. No, you may not bring your pets. Unless it’s something very exotic that everyone would want to see… but no, not really.


We’ll be tweeting up a storm using the hashtag #NEOTIE17 – we ask that you do the same. Feel free to connect, make new friends, and take pictures and post. It’s how you make the experience last longer than Saturday afternoon. And who knows, maybe you’ll find that special someone… #swiperight


Need help? Have concerns? Call or text us the old fashioned way:

Andreas | ajohansson@scsrockets.org | (330) 328-1181

See you Saturday!

Andreas, Mike, Ken, Jennette, and Sean