Hangout # 1 – 10/11/2016

Here’s Hangout # 1 from the NEOTIE grad credit cohort, streamed and recorded on 10/11/2016.

NEOTIE Fall 2016 Hangout # 1 – we’ll meet to discuss the highs and lows from the NEOTIE conference – what worked well, what didn’t, and what your suggestions for improvement are. And, we’ll talk about your assignments, and final products.

If you missed it, please watch, and add your own comments (as a comment below) letting us know what worked, which sessions you liked, and what we can improve for the future.

6 thoughts on “Hangout # 1 – 10/11/2016”

  1. I very much enjoyed this year’s NEOTIE! I went last year as well and will most likely attend next year. Since last year, I feel that I came away with more ideas of how to use technology in the classroom and therefore have done a really great job of doing that the last couple of years. So our break out sessions, I wasn’t as “aw struck” like I was last year just because of the work I have done and classes I have taken since. I use Quizlet live a lot in my classes as well as Socrative. Not really in to Google Forms so the information on Flubaroo wasn’t that interesting to me. I liked Amy’s Classkick….I just need to really sit and think on how I would effectively use that in my classroom. I am very interested in Actively Learn…..this seems a lot like Discovery Streaming which our district does not use any more:( I used it a fair amount, but obviously not enough to keep. Although I have not used it yet, it’s on my radar. I am using Quizizz however. I am a big Kahoot, Quizlet. Live , and Socrative fan so shaking it up a bit, helps keep the kids’ attention. And to top it all off, I won a prize!! Very excited about it and will most likely re-gift it to one of my small children!

  2. I’m sorry that I had to miss this first hangout. I really enjoyed hearing the experiences of others and knowing more about the different sessions that I may have missed. I felt like past NEOTIE conferences were more about me learning lots of new programs I hadn’t heard of before, whereas this one was more focused on finding new ways to apply things I’ve learned about but haven’t had the chance to try or come back to in recent months!

    I attended “Becoming a Fly on the Wall: Using Technology to Foster Student-Driven Learning in Which Every Student is Held Accountable” because I attended a session by Ryan Novak last year and knew that he had dynamic and engaging ideas for teaching English language arts. I loved the way he presented a wide variety of tools and methods for teaching and learning. He uses methods as simple as Google Forms to collect student data and record observations during class discussions. He also shared some interesting ways that he helps students guide their own discussions. I attended a similar style session by Sarah Rivera (session 3) in which she showed us a bunch of different tools and how she uses them in the classroom. I particularly appreciated the way she shared both the pros and cons of these tech tools. I was able to brainstorm new ways to try Padlet, Quizlet Live, and during this session. These were the two sessions that I found most applicable to my classroom and generated the most ideas from.

    If I could provide any constructive feedback, it would be:
    1. Make sure sessions you expect to be popular have enough space. I was in a few that had people sitting on the floor. I didn’t mind, though. Just something to keep in mind. If anything it seemed like some of those rooms had ample space but limited seating.
    2. Sometimes it’s helpful to know if a session is geared toward a particular grade level band or subject. Sometimes it’s not important to know because it’s very applicable k-12, but other times sessions don’t feel as helpful if they don’t feel relevant for your grade or subject area. Spreading these out among the time blocks certainly helps, too.
    3. I really like the schedule of the day and am glad we’ve stuck with that throughout the 3 conferences I’ve attended.


    1. Thanks for the feedback – very helpful. We’re looking for creative ways to improve, but I’m glad you feel the schedule works (something that tends to be critical for a good day).

  3. I actually watched the first hangout live on youtube because it was full when I tried to join. This was my first time to attend the conference. I really enjoyed NEOTIE, but it was a little overwhelming. I only know enough about technology to get myself in trouble. Don’t get me wrong. I use my document camera and mimio everyday, BUT I’m this is only the second year I’ve been on google classroom or have used their applications. Last year I was back and forth between word and google docs, but this year I’ve hardly opened my word. I love the fact that my colleagues and I can create and share doc, sheets, and even slides. I am learning more and more everyday about different features on google docs, even from my third graders!

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