Who’s presenting? What are the sessions all about?

See the conference sessions here!

Do I have to signup for the breakout sessions?

No. They are “first come gets a chair…”

Will I get a printed schedule?

No. Use your device or borrow a friend’s device to check out the schedule of sessions, etc.

When is the conference this fall?

October 28, 2017 at Beachwood High School.

How much does it cost, and what do I get for that?

$17, but you get a t-shirt, lunch, and much fun! Totally worth it!

How can I register?

You can register here!

I don’t see any of the sessions here yet, or a schedule. What gives?

See the conference sessions here!

I can’t make it. Can I get a refund?

Sure. However, we will not issue refunds after the event has started. So, you’ll need to request the refund before October 15, 2017 at 6 AM. Why? Because already ordered and paid for lunch, t-shirts, etc. before the event, and need to cover our costs.

Do I need to bring a printed ticket, or access the ticket online on my phone?

No. But we will ask you to check in with us on arrival. Especially if you want/need a certificate of attendance.

Should I bring a laptop or tablet to the conference?

Yes, please do! Either one will work, just know that some of the sessions will work better with a laptop, and our mileage will vary on a tablet, especially in sessions on design, Google Classroom, etc.

Will there be access to WIFI?

Yes, of course. This is a tech conference, after all. The wifi breezes through 500 students during March-Madness, so it can handle any test we give it.  It’s open, so you won’t even need a password!

What is the official Twitter Hashtag for the event?


Can I get the schedule online someplace? I’d like to use my phone to manage the day.

Sure. Just access the schedule page on the main website. We won’t have a companion app for phones, but this website is pretty mobile friendly, and you’ll be able to check session descriptions, learn about speakers, and more by just loading http://neotie.org/ on your device.

What about grad credit?

You bet. Learn more about here.

Certificate of Attendance / CEUs / IOUs / etc…

Yes. If you attend, and check in, you’ll automatically receive a Certificate of Attendance/Awesomeness, with documented CEUs. However, most districts won’t let you double dip, with both CEUs and Grad Credit, so consider that at some point.

Can I bring a water bottle or other beverage to drink.

Yes. Please bring your favorite beverage if you require one. Although, we’ll serve breakfast and lunch, with coffee and snacks in the breaks. But don’t go dehydrating on us…

What about bathrooms? Will there be any? How much do they cost?

Plenty of bathrooms. All free. Clean up after yourself, though.

How will I know who’s on the conference team?

We’ll be wearing bright shirts… you can’t miss us! (also, we’re the one’s directing you towards the coffee and food!)

Can I bring a pet? I can’t find a sitter?

Please leave any and all animals at home.

What about my kids? Can I bring them along? Will there be day-care provided?

Not per se. But, if your child is of middle school age or older (or super well-behaved!), why not sign them up for a few sessions? That’s okay with us! But they must be registered like everyone else…

There are so many great sessions, and I can’t be in two places at once. Help!

We understand, and feel the same way. Most, if not all, of the presenters are super friendly (otherwise we wouldn’t have them lead sessions in the first place) and usually don’t mind sharing their stuff. Just ask them, or connect via Twitter.

Will you videotape any of the sessions?

That’s a great idea – we’ll look into it!

I don’t see any sessions I want to attend. Can I skip, and meetup with some cool people and just chat about tech, stuff, and whatnot?

Sure. We can’t mess with free will. And sometimes, the session just doesn’t match what you’re in to. That’s okay. Come find one of us – we’ll talk to you, and share what we do. Have a question? Ask any time!

How much is the conference? Will you take cash at the door?

The conference is $17 per person. Includes t-shirt, lunch, snacks, etc. No cash, but credit cards are accepted.

Do you need any help running this thing? Volunteers?

Yes – we could always use some help. Please email/call/tweet to let us know you’re in! Stuff we might need help with is checking people in, showing people where to go, and helping with crowd control.

What will you feed us?

Breakfast. lunch, and snacks. We’re not sure just what, yet, but we’ll tell you when we figure it out. It’s usually pretty good, and includes some sort of cranberry mayo…

I’m allergic / have a gluten intolerance / can’t eat certain things….

We’ll do our best to make it work for you. Stay tuned for more! (let us know, though, if you have serious restrictions, please!)

I’m coming to learn. Will that happen?

You bet. Your head will probably be spinning about noon… We’ll do our best to fill you with so much technology goodness you’ll cruise to summer in a fog of creativity!

What if I get cold during the day? It’s fall, after all…

Please make sure you bring enough clothing to keep you warm, and dress in layers. The High School is pretty well temperature regulated, so under normal conditions, you should expect to be comfortable in what you wear to school on a Friday.

Is the NEOTIE17 a good day to wear my new kilt?

Probably not, although feel free to wear whatever makes you ready to participate, ask questions, and allows you to engage in real learning. (Andreas can’t decide which of his kilts he’s wearing, so…)

Speaking of which, what should I wear? Is it Black Tie, or…

Dress comfortably – what you would wear to school – maybe your Friday attire, is just fine. Or kilt. Just sayin.

What’s with the funky featured images for the session descriptions? And the cow? What’s with the cow?

That’s for us to know, and you to wonder about…

Where do I park for the event?

Park in the main parking lot for Beachwood High School. Carpooling is always encouraged!

Are some of these questions in this FAQ getting out of hand?