Becoming a Fly on the Wall: Using Tech to Foster Student-Driven Learning

About the Session

Becoming a Fly on the Wall: Using Tech to Foster Student-Driven Learning

We all want to maintain control in our classrooms, but sometimes the best thing to do is to let go and allow the students to take ownership. There can be many benefits to becoming an observer and letting your students surprise you.

This session will focus on how the use of tech tools can allow you to empower students through discussions, activities, and assessments that hold every student in your classroom accountable.

Come learn how Google Sheets, formMule, Google Forms, Socrative, Nearpod and Pear Deck can allow you to reach all students while providing immediate feedback along the way.

Whether you teach in a one-to-one building or not, you’ll leave this session with at least one new trick to get your students actively engaged that you can start using immediately.

SAMR Alignment
My session best aligns with the ideas of Augmentation (A)

About the Presenter

Ryan Novak
Kenston High School

Ryan Novak works at Kenston High School, where he teaches English and journalism, is a member of the district technology committee, and advises Bomber Media, a club for students interested in journalism and video production. Ryan is always looking for new ways to engage his students using technology, especially when it comes to collaboration, the writing process, and media literacy.